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AugComInc friga i 2009 nyhetsbrevene Augmentative Communication News (ACN) og Alternatively Speaking for alle interesserte. Nyhetsbrevene har i en årrekke formidlet ferske nyheter om forskning og praksis fra ASK-feltet til sine abonnenter. Nå har du mulighet til fri tilgang på alle årgangene.

Om Augmentative Communication News

124 nyhetsbrev fritt tilgjengelig

For over twenty years (1988-2009), Sarah Blackstone wrote and published the leading international newsletter in Augmentative Communication, Augmentative Communication News (ACN), distilling the ongoing research, exemplary practice, and new development activities in the field into a practical format that made it possible for clinicians, students and teachers to translate ongoing development into immediate practice.

Om Alternatively Speaking

For fifteen years (1994-2009), Michael B. Williams, a gifted writer who himself relies on augmentative communication tools and strategies, wrote, edited, and oversaw the publications of Alternatively Speaking, a newsletter written by and for people with complex communication needs that covered topics of personal and immediate interest to individuals who, like them, rely on AAC supports. Now every single issue of these two seminal publications in the field of AAC are available AT NO COST, to anyone who wishes to download them.

Kilde: AugComInc

Sarah Blackstone, leder for Augmentative Communication Inc. utga i 2003 kartleggingsmaterialet Social Networks  sammen med Mary Hunt Berg. Trøndelag kompetansesenter har oversatt materialet til norsk.

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