En rykende fersk bok argumenterer for deltaker-perspektivet innen både teori og praksis for mennesker som bruker alternativ og supplerende kommunikasjon. En god bok for sommeren?

Svenskene Niklas Norén, Christina Samuelsson og Charlotta Plejert står bak boken “Aided Communication in Everyday Interaction”.

Fra omtalen av boken kan vi lese følgende:

This book argues for the importance of the participants’ perspective within both theory and practice on the function of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) aids in everyday talk-in-interaction. Interactional approaches such as Conversation Analysis (CA) and Topical episode analysis are used to analyze and demonstrate the way participants make sense and display their understanding of AAC-mediated action. The book documents various practices and methods of the everyday use of AAC which can be applied clinically when establishing evidence-based assessment and intervention procedures.

Aided Communication in Everyday Interaction

  • bridges the gap between research and clinical practice
  • analyzes and explains the use of AAC aids
  • uses video recordings and transcriptions of naturally occurring, everyday talk-in-interacton
  • demonstrates how the communicative context of the user’s home is a powerful environment for learning and developing AAC use

Boken publiseres 9. juni, men kan forhåndsbestilles nå til en gunstig pris.

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Kilde: J&R Press